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Moving floor

The moving floor system ensures heavy, wet, different-size material accumulation and moving toward the boiler unit loading system.

The moving floor dimensions and volume vary according to the customer’s needs, which in turn are directly related to the technical support for the filling of the operational warehouse.


Moving floor systems offered by AGRO Forst & Energietechnik GmbH are massive and provide supply of various fuel materials. They are controlled with powerful hydraulic cylinders, which power depends on the volume of the floor and can range from 60 to 120 tonnes per cylinder.

Moving floor cylinder drive hydraulic station is equipped with all necessary safety systems, and electric motor start system is equipped with a “Soft-start” feature.


Operation of all cylinders hydraulic station is automatically controlled, but when checking, it is possible to switch each active element to the “manual mode".


Moving floor metal structures are simple in appearance, but they were created over the years to receive the current ongoing robust structures with special “wing” heights and angles.

Raw material loading system to the combustion chamber

Raw material loading to the combustion chamber is performed via metal channel of special geometry, which shape provides for the material compression with later expansion, thus ensuring prevention of the uncontrolled air ingress into the combustion chamber as well as allowing the wet material to expand without creating congestion.

The loading system is equipped with the fire fighting system that is activated based on the metallic structure temperature.

The loading system is equipped with a hot water cooling jacket that ensures preheating of the loaded material as well as maintains a constant temperature in the jacket.

In addition, the loading system is equipped with a water injection system, which is activated during the dry material burning, when the combustion chamber temperature is approaching the maximum set (permitted) temperature and the supply air or flue gas recirculated air can not cool down the combustion chamber, thus wetting the material and normalizing the burning process.

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