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Biomass is an energy resource, which quality and availability depends on each particular region, but the common feature is as follows: the lower biomass quality, the cheaper cost price of produced energy resource is. Therefore, the AGRO Forst GmbH & Energietechnik equipment is designed to use any forest wood waste, waste wood after cleaning the ditches, and waste after processing logs or timber, calorific efficiency of which is low and moisture content is high, as a biomass fuel material.



Material Used:       Bark, Wood, Woodchip, Wood Chips
Moisture up to: 150%
Moisture content up to: 65%
Density: 300-400 kg/m³
Dimensions: 60/20/10 mm
Ash content: 1-3 %

The company offers a full range of technologies for energy production from biomass:

- Hot or superheated water (heating) boilers;
- Steam boilers;
Thermal oil boilers;
- Combined heat production (cogeneration).

One boiler power ranges between 1 and 25 MW

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