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Agro Forst & Energietechnik GmbH is a company with over 30 years of experience in production of industrial and district heating and electricity generation equipment installed in different scale biomass boiler rooms and small heat and power plants.

When creating a biomass-fired boiler, equipment is designed in such way, so that it could operate well with low-quality biomass, such as waste of wood processing factories, forest wood waste, and waste wood after cleaning the ditches: sawdust, twigs, bark, chips, shrub mass, etc.

Company specialists have extensive practical experience not only in designing new technologies and equipment, but also in optimization and rebuilding of already existing solutions.

When creating monitoring and control system, we took into account our experience and customers’ demands, thus creating convenient, safe and intellectual control system that allows surveying, monitoring and back-up of all data and changes.

The company offers a full range of technologies for energy production from biomass:

- Hot or superheated water (heating) boilers;
- Steam boilers;
- Thermal oil boilers;
- Combined heat production (cogeneration).

Our basic principles of operation are as follows: high safety of equipment, low maintenance costs, close cooperation with a customer during installation of equipment and throughout its lifetime.


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