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Agro Forst & Energietechnik GmbH – equipment for heat and electricity production from biomass

Biomass is a renewable energy resource that can be used as fuel for operation of different capacity boilers. Its quality and availability depends on each particular region, but the common feature is as follows: the lower biomass quality, the cheaper cost price of produced energy resource is.

AGRO Forst GmbH & Energietechnik equipment is designed to use any forest wood waste, waste wood after cleaning the ditches, and waste after processing logs or timber, calorific efficiency of which is low and moisture content is high, as a biomass fuel material.>>>

Energy production from biomass

As a source of energy, biomass has been known since ancient times and still is the most popular fuel that is used in most countries to produce heat and electricity.

Combined heat production from biomass

Combined heat production (cogeneration) means that both heat and electricity as byproduct is produced, while electricity is transmitted to the public grid.

Why choose Agro FT biomass boilers?

Austrian company Agro Forst & Energietechnik GmbH has been one of the best-known manufacturers of biomass boilers in Europe for over 30 years.